Transparency of Pricing

Last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed its in-depth market investigation into the funerals sector. This identified a number of concerns, including that prices for similar services differed considerably between funeral directors and the way that information was provided made it hard for families to compare prices and choose the right combination of services for their loved ones.

From September 16th all Funeral Directors must publish a standardised price list to enable families to make a better comparison.

The standardised price list will detail the costs involved in arranging an attended and non-attended service – though each Funeral Director will probably also offer their own individual range of services which they can arrange on your behalf.

Of course cost is not the only consideration when choosing a funeral director – but for most people it is a very important factor – so although not perfect – let’s hope these changes help those who need them most – please, please remember – a dignified funeral really does not have to cost a fortune.

Here is our standardised price list